Getting back in the grind 

Sales grind is not easy but finding your focus is twice as hard. 2 weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to act on either finding a new gig or just blowing it out of the water. I came to the conclusion that quitting is just not an option. So I must do twice as much to deliver the numbers I am looking for. 

This decision means I have to polish my pitch and perfect my activity. No more cutting corners or working 40 hour weeks. We need massive action and strong dedication. It’s tough Just saying wtf I will do it next time and it doesn’t happen.

Next step is doing twice as much as what I did last year.

Sales training for workaholics 

Sales training is fun when you like what you and have the passion to really drive it home. 

We all read the books. We all listen to the audios but very of few of us really apply it. For me, I am usually caught in a very busy day not organized day that I forget to prioritize and plan my day out. Which usually ends with me being stressed out.

I now devote 30 minutes to learning, 15 to planning my day and the rest executing it. As I learn I grow and as I grow I bring in more money.  Probably the biggest take away is that I now leave with less pressure and have more control of the outcome. When this happen you’re enjoying freedom to do other things you like to do.

Enjoy life as don’t stress the small stuff.

Sales promotion or demotion

Sales promotion?

Recently I was asked to focus more on sales than managing my team. That brought down my morale. So much I had the worst week in 5 years of working here. However I can look at it in the bright side or the bad side of it. Bright side is that I am so damn good, they expect me to close more because everyone else isn’t or. Bad side, it was a new guy who supposedly is the new finance guy and I think I am getting demoted when I use to report directly to the CEO.


Bottom line, whatever happens I have to make money. This means that I have to protect my immediate future and long term plan too. For the short term, I am going to only focus on my sales and try to take them to the next level. If I worked 50 hours a week I am now going to work 75. If I made 40k I am now going to shoot for 50k in sales a week. I will try to save every penny I have to make sure I am ready for when I want to make the next move. We should always have a plan B. I don’t have a clue what that is right now however when that does come I will be ready to regroup and execute with the intensity as I am right now.

We work in sales. We have the most valuable asset of any company or organization. Any company who doesn’t sell or profit is a failure. When a company is closing it’s doors the last people to go are the sales people. Don’t sweat it or be scared of losing your job when you know you have the numbers to back it up. I guess my position now is different than when I first started. I now have a family and more responsibilities but closers like us know how to move forward every time.

Purocloser – Curso de ventas

Sales managers who sell rock

Sales managers who sell rock, but not all the time.

For the past 3 years I’ve been doing sales, training, hiring, managing, marketing and also everything else that comes with strategy. I am also up for it but man it’s stressful. Sometimes I feel that my heart is going to explode because of the stress. However I’ve been holding back and delegating a lot of simple duties like reports, employee issues, and day to day things like HR.

I now only focus on my leads and helping the guys close more deals. When you have 20 new leads and over 100 calls, you have to be sharp. I still participate in meetings a but not as much. Once I made it clear to everyone that we must increase our numbers, they understood I had to be in the trenches too. The day will come as the company grows were my number will not be needed. That is awesome but till then I have to make the difference.

I am very loyal and hungry at every level and hope we succeed at every level too. But sometimes we must let others help if we want a company to grow. No one can be superman.

Sales managers lead by example

The only way for a sales manager to tell his sales reps to do something is by him doing it himself. Can’t teach someone how to close a deal when you have never done it yourself. Sales reps can tell bullshit from a mile away. Sales managers usually get promoted for being the top sales reps which makes it ideal for your sales reps to learn from the best.

When I’m training someone I pull down the recording of their calls. I go second by second listening to every little thing from introduction to close. I see what they did wrong and right. Then I make comments on the things that I see they can improve on. I do this so that they can go back and review line by line. Just like the boxer that reviews his boxing match to see what he did wrong and right. This is a good example on how to teach by example. Stuff like this has to be done very often so that there’s constant improvement amongst your team.

If you want try this technique, just pull down the recording and make notes so that the sales rep can go back to review. Then email him the recording with the notes. 

Upper management loves this too because they see the work you are putting in development.

Let’s close something.

You must listen to close

Sales people like to talk not listen. How many times have you talked your way out of the deal? Probably many times. I have done it many times as well. I can’t help myself I keep on talking and talking while the customer just gets bored. Or he’s looking for a different answer and I’m not listening to the buying signal.

Many years ago when I first started in sales. I learned about the 80 20 rule, where you listen 80% of the time and talk 20. It’s been fundamental because asking the right questions helps me determine the real pain. Once I figure out the pain I build and I build on it. However when I just blab and blab i lose their attention.  Then I get a disconnect. So bottom line it’s better to stay quiet and let them talk them you talk your way out of the sale.

At the end the day it’s their decision to buy or not. It’s our job to guide them to the best possible optionwhile being ethical and knowledgeable.

Let’s keep my closing closers.

Inbound leads and old school sales

Inbound marketing only works when you know how to sell.


A shit load of leads without anyone to close them is money down the drain. Everyone is talking about inbound marketing but people still must use old school sales techniques to close them. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of making this easy with inbound leads. We just have to combine the old method of selling and follow up in conjunction with this. For example, you get a lead follow up with it ASAP. Let the automation kick in with a follow up email. Call that guy in a couple days and then let the automation do its job again. No answer, no problem we will drip the guy till he calls us back or tell us to F off.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.39.21 PM
Inbound Marketing

I love it because we are in their face all the time without doing anything. Now when we do get them on the phone, the old school must kick in. We must figure out the problem, propose a solution, present, and close. No close, no problem. We drip him till he buys. We can now send proposals, mass emails, and text messages through inbound systems. I think this only going to get better with time. Right now, you can segment, not interested, no money, maybe later, very interested but buying next years, etc. Shoot, you can have 1000s of potential clients receiving your emails without you doing a single thing.


But you still have to close. You still have to use the phone. You still have to follow up just use this to make it faster and better.

Sales break are needed

Sales Breaks work

Who can go all day without taking a break? Maybe some people can but I prefer not to. Every time I go non stop I get burnt out or stressed out. That is not cool for anyone, you or the customer.

I like going in sprints of 2 hours at time making calls then take a 10 minute break. Then I make another 2 hours of calls and another 10 minute break. I also drink plenty of water as I am calling.  This keeps me sharp and energetic on the calls. Trust me you need it when making cold calls and nagging customers cussing you on the phone, hanging up on you,etc.

Phone BreaksI look at this way, my body and mind are my tools to success. I need to take care of them at all times. However with that a side who in the hell needs to be stressed out on a sales call, NO ONE. It’s torture to be calling and doing your grind with stress, tired, or just annoyed. Breaks alleviate this.

I’ve seen I can go longer and more focused when I break. I get a chance to relax a bit and get my mind straight. For the past 5 years I’ve seen huge streaks but once in a while I get into a slump. Don’t get me wrong it’s a not a huge slump but deals do drop a bit. When I look back it’s because of those weeks were I work 70 hours a week non stop, no days off and really hard core. I’m so freaking stressed everyone can tell, doing my job and at home. Then it’s time to disconnect from the phone, computer, and all the bs. I get some  me time going.  Then come Monday it is ON again.

Hope this helps. You can always send me a comment for more tips.

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