Sales and morning routines

Sales & Morning Routines

Getting started in the morning is probably the most difficult thing one can do. My biological clock is set to wake up every day at 6 am with or without an alarm clock however getting up is something else. I ask myself, “should I work out or start working right away?”. I usually decide for the work out because it sets the pace for a really great day. However sometimes it’s hard to prioritize what Is best. Bottom line, having energy gives you an edge in sales.

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Morning Routines

Routines are important because it’s the pace for the rest of day. You must have a clear mind without any negativity. I try to stay away from bills, news,  or anything that has anything bad or negative. It’s me against the world and I am going to win, lol. Maybe not in that way but I do want to be pumped up. I want to have a lot of energy to make my calls. I want to have a lot of energy to be able to do many things and people must notice it.  I want to project myself as full of life and energy. People by from people like this.
Try to work out as much as possible and eat right every morning. A cup of coffee is like the icing on the cake. I also try to eat breakfast before 7AM so I can start early. I’ve seen the earlier I start the more I get done considering I usually work till around 7 or 8 at night.


So get up and just do it. Don’t even think about it, just do it. You’ll be happy you did it because good things will happen. In case something bad happens you can face It with a better attitude.

Staying focused while trying to close deals!

Not everyone is capable of staying focused while trying to close deals. If you are doing telecommute, you probably have the temptation of browsing social media or the web. If you are waiting for an appointment you are probably checking your phone or checking out what’s up on facebook. We are all guilty of these types of distractions however when we avoid them we excel.

You concentrate beScreen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.04.06 PMtter on what is important. You know that you have to call these people, do the right research or just be there with the prospect without any distractions. When I give my undivided attention to someone they listen and when they listen, I am able to close. I’ve seen many times the better prepared I am the more I close. You become sharp and people like smart people. Especially if they are about to spend 1000 or 10000 on you.

About 10 years ago when facebook barely came out it wasn’t as bad. We still had the internet but it wasn’t as addicting as it is now. However I try to keep my phone on vibrate or not browse the web till I am done with what is important. If I have make 80 calls, I block out completely to focus on that. If I have to send email I do the same. We must ask ourselves this question, Is this really productive? The answer is probably NO. And if doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense. After all if we are in sales we like to close deals and make money.

Remember no one likes to talk to someone who is always checking their phone. Happy selling.

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