Sales promotion or demotion

Sales promotion?

Recently I was asked to focus more on sales than managing my team. That brought down my morale. So much I had the worst week in 5 years of working here. However I can look at it in the bright side or the bad side of it. Bright side is that I am so damn good, they expect me to close more because everyone else isn’t or. Bad side, it was a new guy who supposedly is the new finance guy and I think I am getting demoted when I use to report directly to the CEO.


Bottom line, whatever happens I have to make money. This means that I have to protect my immediate future and long term plan too. For the short term, I am going to only focus on my sales and try to take them to the next level. If I worked 50 hours a week I am now going to work 75. If I made 40k I am now going to shoot for 50k in sales a week. I will try to save every penny I have to make sure I am ready for when I want to make the next move. We should always have a plan B. I don’t have a clue what that is right now however when that does come I will be ready to regroup and execute with the intensity as I am right now.

We work in sales. We have the most valuable asset of any company or organization. Any company who doesn’t sell or profit is a failure. When a company is closing it’s doors the last people to go are the sales people. Don’t sweat it or be scared of losing your job when you know you have the numbers to back it up. I guess my position now is different than when I first started. I now have a family and more responsibilities but closers like us know how to move forward every time.

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