Sales managers who, sell rock

Sales managers who sell rock, but not all the time.

For the past 3 years I’ve been doing sales, training, hiring, managing, marketing and also everything else that comes with strategy. I am also up for it but man it’s stressful. Sometimes I feel that my heart is going to explode because of the stress. However I’ve been holding back and delegating a lot of simple duties like reports, employee issues, and day to day things like HR.

I now only focus on my leads and helping the guys close more deals. When you have 20 new leads and over 100 calls, you have to be sharp. I still participate in meetings a but not as much. Once I made it clear to everyone that we must increase our numbers, they understood I had to be in the trenches too. The day will come as the company grows were my number will not be needed. That is awesome but till then I have to make the difference.

I am very loyal and hungry at every level and hope we succeed at every level too. But sometimes we must let others help if we want a company to grow. No one can be superman.

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