Inbound Marketing sales strategy

Inbound Marketing sales strategy

You must listen to close

Sales people like to talk not listen. How many times have you talked your way out of the deal? Probably many times. I have done it many times as well. I can’t help myself I keep on talking and talking while the customer just gets bored. Or he’s looking for a different answer and I’m not listening to the buying signal.

Many years ago when I first started in sales. I learned about the 80 20 rule, where you listen 80% of the time and talk 20. It’s been fundamental because asking the right questions helps me determine the real pain. Once I figure out the pain I build and I build on it. However when I just blab and blab i lose their attention.  Then I get a disconnect. So bottom line it’s better to stay quiet and let them talk them you talk your way out of the sale.

At the end the day it’s their decision to buy or not. It’s our job to guide them to the best possible optionwhile being ethical and knowledgeable.

Let’s keep my closing closers.

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