Sales managers lead by example

The only way for a sales manager to tell his sales reps to do something is by him doing it himself. Can’t teach someone how to close a deal when you have never done it yourself. Sales reps can tell bullshit from a mile away. Sales managers usually get promoted for being the top sales reps which makes it ideal for your sales reps to learn from the best.

When I’m training someone I pull down the recording of their calls. I go second by second listening to every little thing from introduction to close. I see what they did wrong and right. Then I make comments on the things that I see they can improve on. I do this so that they can go back and review line by line. Just like the boxer that reviews his boxing match to see what he did wrong and right. This is a good example on how to teach by example. Stuff like this has to be done very often so that there’s constant improvement amongst your team.

If you want try this technique, just pull down the recording and make notes so that the sales rep can go back to review. Then email him the recording with the notes. 

Upper management loves this too because they see the work you are putting in development.

Let’s close something.

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