Sales break are needed

Sales Breaks work

Who can go all day without taking a break? Maybe some people can but I prefer not to. Every time I go non stop I get burnt out or stressed out. That is not cool for anyone, you or the customer.

I like going in sprints of 2 hours at time making calls then take a 10 minute break. Then I make another 2 hours of calls and another 10 minute break. I also drink plenty of water as I am calling.  This keeps me sharp and energetic on the calls. Trust me you need it when making cold calls and nagging customers cussing you on the phone, hanging up on you,etc.

Phone BreaksI look at this way, my body and mind are my tools to success. I need to take care of them at all times. However with that a side who in the hell needs to be stressed out on a sales call, NO ONE. It’s torture to be calling and doing your grind with stress, tired, or just annoyed. Breaks alleviate this.

I’ve seen I can go longer and more focused when I break. I get a chance to relax a bit and get my mind straight. For the past 5 years I’ve seen huge streaks but once in a while I get into a slump. Don’t get me wrong it’s a not a huge slump but deals do drop a bit. When I look back it’s because of those weeks were I work 70 hours a week non stop, no days off and really hard core. I’m so freaking stressed everyone can tell, doing my job and at home. Then it’s time to disconnect from the phone, computer, and all the bs. I get some  me time going.  Then come Monday it is ON again.

Hope this helps. You can always send me a comment for more tips.

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