Inbound leads and old school sales

Inbound marketing only works when you know how to sell.


A shit load of leads without anyone to close them is money down the drain. Everyone is talking about inbound marketing but people still must use old school sales techniques to close them. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of making this easy with inbound leads. We just have to combine the old method of selling and follow up in conjunction with this. For example, you get a lead follow up with it ASAP. Let the automation kick in with a follow up email. Call that guy in a couple days and then let the automation do its job again. No answer, no problem we will drip the guy till he calls us back or tell us to F off.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.39.21 PM
Inbound Marketing
I love it because we are in their face all the time without doing anything. Now when we do get them on the phone, the old school must kick in. We must figure out the problem, propose a solution, present, and close. No close, no problem. We drip him till he buys. We can now send proposals, mass emails, and text messages through inbound systems. I think this only going to get better with time. Right now, you can segment, not interested, no money, maybe later, very interested but buying next years, etc. Shoot, you can have 1000s of potential clients receiving your emails without you doing a single thing.


But you still have to close. You still have to use the phone. You still have to follow up just use this to make it faster and better.

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